Action Trackporter H24R

Powerful, Versatile, and Safe:

The H24R does the job of two machines with the price of ONE. The H24R is a proven mortality cart as well as a very stable Boar Leader. The remote controlled capability of the H24R will allow one person the ability to Artificially Inseminate his/her sows and control a tethered boar from across the pen. The H24R comes with a Holster for the wireless transmitter, Two styles of Harnesses available, one is a shoulder Harness and the other is a neck harness, and a HDPE Boar Blocker board that will prevent the boar from stepping around the side of the tracks.

Compact and Maneuverable:

Move through narrow aisles, carry market weight hogs as well as large sows, and turn on a dime with zero turn capability. 24" wide model.

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  • Includes Onboard Batter Charger
  • Powerful 24 volt electric drive system.
  • Five forward and reverse speeds for optimal maneuvering through tight spaces.
  • Track drive system used for rugged stability and excellent traction.
  • 3500 lb electric winch with synthetic winch rope.
  • Low mounted pulley block pull ring to aid in the extraction of animals from tight quarters.
  • Trackporter weight 418lbs.
  • 24" wide - 44" long - 79" high


  • Remote controlled capability allows the operator to do AI work while also controlling a boar that is across the pen and is tethered to the H24R.
  • Specially designed for the removal of dead hogs from confined areas.
  • Extract animal carcasses quickly and safely.
  • Reduce the potential for employee injury.
  • One person can handle animal removal from start to finish.
  • Add accessories to increase versatility.
  • This is not a one use machine.