Action Trackporter H24

Powerful, Versatile, and Safe:

The Mortality Cart will move dead stock through doorways, over rough terrain, and up ramps. The narrow stance of the H24 is very stable as well as efficient up and down narrow aisles, and through gates.

Compact and Maneuverable:

Move through narrow aisles, carry market weight hogs as well as large sows, and turn on a dime with zero turn capability. 24" wide model.

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  • Includes Onboard Battery Charger
  • Powerful 24 volt electric drive system.
  • Five forward and reverse speeds for optimal maneuvering through tight spaces.
  • Track drive system used for rugged stability and excellent traction.
  • 3500 lb electric winch with synthetic winch rope.
  • Low mounted pulley block pull ring to aid in the extraction of animals from tight quarters.
  • Trackporter weight 418lbs.
  • 24" wide - 44" long - 79" high


  • Specially designed for the removal of dead hogs from confined areas.
  • Extract animal carcasses quickly and safely.
  • Reduce the potential for employee injury.
  • One person can handle animal removal from start to finish.
  • Add accessories to increase versatility.
  • This is not a one use machine.