Boar Blocker Board

Keep you boar focused and unable to pass the Trackporter

The Boar Block Board is a rugged sheet of 1/2″ HDPE plastic with 6″ of 1/2″ rubber belting on each side.  The rubber belting is flexible enough to allow the Trackporter to pass by objects without getting hung up.

  • Boar Blocker Board

    $ 110.00
Boark blocker board

2-Place Harness

AI Boar Harness

The Al Boar Harness has nickel plated welded heavy collar buckles and solid cast nickel plated snaps.

  • 5000# Tensile strength nylon belts
  • 2500# Tensile strength nylon lead rope
  • Heavy-duty solid cast steel D-Rings
  • Nickel plated welded heavy collar buckles
  • Solid cast nickel plated snaps
  • Harness Rope included
  • Weight:8 lbs
  • 2-Place Harness

    $ 110.00

Neck Cinch Harness

Neck Cinch with Twist Chain

The Neck Cinch has a double neck lock and comes complete with twist chain.

  • Neck Cinch Harness

    $ 68.00

Carry-All Rack

Make your Trackporter a multi-use machine.

The Carry-All Rack will turn your Dead Cart or Boar Leader into a Hauling Machine.  From 5-Gallon Buckets to Vet Supplies, Bagged Feed to Tools, or Electric Motors, the Trackporter with the Carry-All Rack can carry it all!!

  • Carry-All Rack

    $ 215.00