Rear Boar Blocker Board

Keep you boar focused and unable to pass the Trackporter®

The Boar Block Board is a rugged sheet of 1/2″ HDPE plastic with 6″ of 1/2″ rubber belting on each side.  The rubber belting is flexible enough to allow the Trackporter® to pass by objects without getting hung up.

  • Rear Boar Blocker Board


Front Mount Boar Blocker Board

Enables one boar to be led and one boar to be pushed.  The Front Mount Boar Blocker Board is built with the same specs as the Boar Blocker Board.  It will safely nudge a front tethered boar and, like the rear Boar Blocker Board, it has flexible sides to safely pass by objects without getting hung up.

  • Front Boar Blocker Board

    $ 455.00

Carry-All Rack

Make your Trackporter® a multi-use machine.

The Carry-All Rack will turn your Dead Cart or Boar Leader into a Hauling Machine.  From 5-Gallon Buckets to Vet Supplies, Bagged Feed to Tools, or Electric Motors, the Trackporter<sup>®</sup> with the Carry-All Rack can carry it all!!

  • Carry-All Rack

    $ 275.00